Thursday, 5 August 2010

A festival of conviviality

The Edinburgh festival propers starts in a day or two. There are all sorts of plays, street performances, musicals, comedy acts etc all over the city and the town is full of people promoting their groups. Yesterday I was with Euan, my oldest friend, and some other high school friends in Princes Street gardens, sitting enjoying the nice weather, when we were accosted by a young American guy and girl promoting their stuff. They'd actually only met each other the previous evening, and were representing different shows. Her's was an improv musical show, where they take a title from the audience and make up a musical around it, from the music to the lyrics and script. His was...well, I have no idea actually. He was an odd one. He represented himself as a kind of life coach, who used improv performance to help people with self-confidence issues. After hanging out for a while they gave us flyers and departed to bother other people. I checked his website earlier. It seems interesting.

The whole experience made me feel better about being back home. It's nice to be somewhere where stuff's happening. I've been sitting in limbo for the last week. Time to wake up.

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