Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ongoing Frustrations

I've been getting annoyed at my old supervisor in Japan. I want her to send me the money that was in my account but she's been really weird about it.

First off she apparently wanted to wait until she could also send my tax refund, which is a thing that I should get after claiming back the pension money I paid while I was there. However, to get your pension refund you have to send a form to the Japanese Inland Revenue people, and it can take months for a response. In my case it's already taken around two and I've had nothing. After it arrives I can send another form back to my supervisor who can claim back the tax that was taken from the pension refund, which will take additional time. I know a JET whose pension refund took a year to arrive, and since I have bills to pay I couldn't wait that long, so I explained this to my supervisor. She finally agreed to send me my money and asked how much of it to send (since some would need to be kept to pay for the other money in future being sent...supposedly).

She told me the maximum that could be sent via postal money order is £2500. Not really knowing what a postal money order is, and thinking it sounds a bit retro and potentially unreliable, I asked if she could use a money wiring service that I'd used when I was in Japan. She refused to do that, but didn't give a reason. Maybe it's JET Programme policy or something. I said fine, just send £2500 now then.

Her next email read, " I sent your money through money order today. However, they are not supposed to send money by money order. They can use wire to do so, which means I'm not going to send the paper of money order. You are going to get ten 250-pound checks in two or three weeks. You had better change them into cash within three months."

What does that even mean, seriously? If they're wiring the money, how am I getting cheques? And is this going to increase the number of times I'm paying for currency conversion?

I really wish I'd just given Emily my bank card and transfer card and got her to send it. If my supervisor had sent an email saying, "A lot of money has gone from your account!" my response would have been,

"Deal with it."


Anji said...

The last time I worked in the education system here in France I last my last days wages. I couldn't get the money the following September as I was 'out of the system'

I hope that all of yours comes and that you don't have to pay too many bank charges.

Doug Stephens said...

Craziness. Pure craziness.