Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Due hesitancy

I'm always suspsicious of nouns that end in 'y' that mean the same as another noun with the same root - hesitance and hesitancy. Hesitancy sounds like something George W would say.

Anyway, I've delayed my driving test again. My lesson was a bit of a nightmare today. I pretty much hate everything.

Fortunately, it turned out that I didn't get charged for rebooking my test, as I was before. I thought they charged you for canceling to offset their losses if your date wasn't picked up by someone else. It turns out they don't do that, but in fact some test dates/times are more expensive than others. I got charged extra the last time because I switched to a Saturday. This time I switched to a Thursday and I actually got the fee discounted. So there was an upside there.

Awkwardly, at the end of the lesson when we were talking things over, my instructor took a phone call from his car's manufacturer about a fault with his car that they're not acknowledging, and he got pretty testy with the girl on the other end. I could hear both sides of the conversation and could understand why he might be upset, but I think he went a bit overboard in venting his frustrations. And I was trapped in the driver's seat not knowing where to look.

It's not the first time I've considered getting another instructor, but it's so close to the end now there's not really much point. I just want to get the whole messy mess over with as soon as possible and never drive again.

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Anji said...

If you are not happy with your instructer, change him. I had a very bad experience with one of my instructors who worked for a big company. He was very sarcastic and we spent my lessons driving him round to pop in on friends.On the day of my third test we drove to the test place in snow (which I'd never driven in before). As he got out of the car he said 'Don't put the car into the ditch'. Of course I failed.

I changed to a friend's father-in-law, who ironed out all of my problems and lack of confidence and passed on my forth attempt.

A couple of months later some 'inspectors' came to see me at the bank where I was working. They reassured me that the bad instuctor had been sacked and offered me free lessons. They also confirmed that I hadn't been imagining that his breath smelt of booze....

I don't really enjoy driving much 35 years later