Monday, 11 April 2011

Pearly White

I spent twenty minutes this morning being water boarded by two young women with their fingers in my mouth.

Maybe water boarding isn't the best analogy. The ordeal was more akin to choking than drowning. And then at the end of it I got to spit out a load of blood with pink dentist water.

Still, I'm feeling pretty positive about this experience. The dentist said my brushing technique was probably quite good. I just gots ta floss bettah.


Anji said...

So, do they look better?

I was a victim of the school dentist when I was young. Fortunately I had a really good, kind dentist afterwards who did a lot of work on my teeth and I didn't mind at all.

How are the wisdom teeth doing?

Jimijam said...

Goodness knows about the wisdom teeth. The dentist said in my case it wasn't advised to have them out, since they weren't coming in at an odd angle or anything.
I can't see any difference in the teeth, though they do feel a little different.