Friday, 6 May 2011

Baby, baby, baby (NE)phew!

On a day when the Scottish National Party swept to an unprecedented victory in the Scottish Parliamentary Elections, securing the first mandate since the parliament's inception in 1999, my big sister finally had her baby. Which I probably haven't mentioned until now. The baby was due last Friday, but showed no signs up coming until yesterday. My sister had a total nightmare by the sounds of it - the baby's head was tilted too much and wouldn't come naturally, the cord was twisted twice round its neck, she had to have a C-section which was initially going to be under general anaesthetic, but she was woken up from it when they couldn't get the breaking tube down her throat due to swelling, and finally she had it conscious with an epidural at 2 in the morning. Not the ideal birth scenario.

But little baby boy unnamed is perfectly healthy, though his parents are understandably exhausted. We went to visit and the little guy is sufficiently adorable for fawning purposes. I'm hoping my sister recovers quickly and doesn't have to spend too long in nasty hospital.

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Anji said...

I'm late, but congratulations on becoming an Uncle. I hope that your sister is recovering from her unplanned ordeal