Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Funny Ha-ha

I was lying when I said I had nothing to report earlier. I got an email from Blog Explosion today. Blog Explosion is (is supposed to be) a community that helps get your blog seen and out there. When I first started my blog back in the spring, I read about the site and signed up. They said my account would be activated after my blog was moderated, which would usually take a couple of days. Ahem.

Over a week later, with no change on the status of my account, I sent an email to the admins. No response. Wondering what was going on I went to the forums to find a large number of people complaining about the site's recent change for the worse, with people (much like myself) waiting forever for their sites to be approved. It was there that I read a post from someone advertising an alternative. I checked it out and found that it was a burgeoning blog promotion community of refreshingly real and friendly people. I signed up and I'm sure a lot of the traffic I get to my blog I owe to them. So thank you Expose Your Blog!.

Anyway, this morning I got an email from Blog Explosion, who I'd almost entirely forgotten about. It said, merely,


Your site looks great, but must be in a blog format.


Just what about my site isn't blog format?

In all likelihood, the cowboys who apparently run Blog Explosion didn't even look at my blog. Their loss!

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Anji said...

That does surprise me. I've been approving blogs for BlogExplosion for nearly 3 years now. I thought I was the only one left, but it seems there is someone else. I cant see why it was refused. BTW, the waiting time is 6 months there.

The reason why ExposeYourBlog! was created was because a band of us were disgusted with the way the owners had abandoned BE. We're determined to give much better service - I think that you'll agree, we're doing fine so far.