Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Gambling on The X Factor 2

So a month or two ago I blogged about gambling on The X Factor. Folly, it was! The public voters seemed to have attention deficit disorder and voted for different people each week, making predicting who would go a hit-and-miss affair. I gave it up.


I was pretty sure about who was going to win. It had to be Matt, with his high notes and mostly-absent hat. So I put some money on him. He was favourite to win, so the odds weren't fantastic, but it was early enough in the competition for it to be possible that it would go another way, so they were better than they were in the last week.

And he won. I am £75 richer. I think we all learned something.

If not, please accept my apologies and a picture from the awesomesauce that is Misfits.

Peace out


∞ ETERNITY KIDZ ∞ said...

I don't care for X-factor or any of those types of shows but I do like me some Misfits. Truly awesome!
Reading yr previous post I should let you know that I found yr blog by searching through the blogger profiles for an English written Japanese blog, (I really like Japan but can't speak the lingo) and not because of 'Expose your blog'. Has it really gotten you more traffic?

Jimijam said...

I believe so, though obviously I don't know where all my traffic comes from.