Saturday, 3 July 2010

This is the way the classes end

Not with a bang but a whimper.

I had my last class yesterday. It was pretty much a regular class, except the JTE told the students it was my last one right at the end, and, after finding out I could write kanji last week, they wanted to hear me speak Japanese. I said a short goodbye-and-thank-you after which they applauded, and after the bell rang some of the girls demanded to take pictures with me. It was nice to feel appreciated in a class that was good, but with whom I didn't feel a strong connection due to there being no class clowns or particularly talkative students.

Also, last night I finally booked a flight home. I had a sort of messed-up situation where I thought I was expected to wait for the board of education's decision about giving me the money for the flight I'd previously investigated. As it turned out, because of how long their decision was going to take, I was supposed to book the thing before the price changed. I didn't realise I could book it without paying for the whole thing, and even if I had, it didn't seem to make sense to pay a deposit (which I assume I could lose) for something I don't know if I'm going to be reimbursed for. What with having to pay the massive resident's tax bill I got last month, I don't have enough money in Japan to pay for a flight.

Anyway, after being told I was supposed to have booked already, I got a bit panicked and went back to the travel agent, who told me the price had already gone up, so I was screwed on that front. My only option was to try to get a cheaper one online. It was too late to ask for more money from the BOE. After looking online and considering a few options, I decided in the end to go for an Air China flight, which is a little cheaper than my original plan, but is a little tricky because I have to change twice - once in Beijing and once in London, and because it's so early in the morning that it's not possible for me to get the the airport two hours before take-off. I just hope an hour and forty minutes will be enough time to get through check-in, security and customs. I would get a hotel, but the only one that seems available at the airport is mega-expensive.

Anyway, the date is now set, so all I have to do now is pack.

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