Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Funny thing. Earlier today, the Principal comes into the staffroom and cries out, "Fushinsha!" (dubious person!) which in this context was the equivalent of calling out, "Intruder!". He called the teachers who are part of the seito-ka (student affairs division) to arms, to go and check out the situation. I was alarmed to find that my desk seems to be placed in amongst the seitoka, so that the ten or so teachers in my immediate vicinity - including Mrs Underwood, the English teacher who sits beside me - got up and marched out of the staffroom. The Principal stayed inside. Some of the other teachers gathered around the monitors that are rigged up to the CCTV cameras placed around the school, though apparently there was nothing to be seen.

A few minutes later, the teachers came back. I asked Mrs Underwood about the fushinsha, and she told me it was a blond girl (which of course means she was worthy of the label, since only those on the fringes of society bleach their hair), found hanging about the girl's sports club changing rooms. Later, I was told that it was a student of nearby Chuo High School, which is like the last resort of Junior High students who can't get into a better high school. The story was now that she had come to bring lunch to her younger brother at our school. Either way, I find the fact that ten teachers were mobilised to deal with this situation rather ridiculous.

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