Sunday, 27 June 2010

Poke Her Face

Saturday was Ingrid's Birthday Party. She holds a party every year and invites her bar regulars, which is a big mix of Japanese and members of the foreigner community. It's held at a bar round the corner from her's (one that has more space) and for your entrance fee (well, it beats having to choose a birthday present) there's a lot of buffet food to help yourself too. Emily and I didn't have very big appetites, however, as we had been invited to sing - along with many others - a song for the occasion, and were nervous about. Most people use the karaoke machine, but some bring along instruments and play. Emily had the idea of doing Lady Gaga's Poker Face acoustic version on piano, which I thought was a great idea. Ingrid's a big Gaga fan.

Emily has an electric piano at her place, and we practiced a few times there and once at the bar, trying to get the various vocal flourishes right. We'd got it down pretty well before we left for the party, but of course nerves kicked in in front of a busy room of people, and I forgot what the hell I was doing a couple of times. It didn't help that the atmosphere wasn't the best for any kind of performance. There wasn't nearly enough space for everyone to be sitting down to a table, so no one was settled and there was a lot of chatter. It wasn't too bad, however (at least I hope it wasn't). I know it can't have been as bad as some of the later efforts at any rate. The gruff Texan voice of Azart the Young on a couple of Beatles tracks was appreciated by those with taste, but wasted on the majority of the noisy crowd. Only Prickles was able to bellow melodically over the din of the guests to the delight of us, his juniors.

On Sunday, I was tired and didn't leave the house once (win!) and ended up sleeping through most of the afternoon. The rest of the day was mostly spent (in defiance of the fact that I am NOT a 14-year-old girl) working on a scrapbook, the only way I know to rid myself of the numerous ticket stubs, tourist information pamphlets and other bits and bobs I have accumulated over the last three years. Yesterday I drove myself mad trying to arrange a drawful of crap into groups according to when I got them. I finished the job eventually, but didn't get round to any glueing, which has to be the most fun part of the thing. Maybe I'll get round to it today.

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