Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Paint and Pie

For lunch (which was breakfast for Emily) at USJ, we went to Irish-themed restaurant Finnegan's. Here's a part of the drinks menu:
So you can have Half-Paint or Paint. And you can get a half yard of it. For food, we got fish and chips, which was two small battered fish nuggets with potato wedges. It was the first fish I've eaten since I went back home at Christmas, and possibly only the third time I've eaten fish in Japan in three years. Don't let anyone tell you it's impossible to get by in Japan without eating fish. Anything is possible.

We also had Shepherd's pie.
It looked better than it tasted. It was full of cheese and they'd put a slice of tomato at the bottom for no good reason. I can make better myself.

We didn't eat anything else substantial for the rest of the day, which probably explains why I crashed as soon as I got on the bus and was non-functional the following day. I did eat a cinamon churro, though - something I first tasted at Higashi Kougyou's school festival two years ago and have never seen back home. I'll be on the lookout for them in future, though.


Anji said...

We had fish and chips at Finnegan's here in France. The fish wasn't thawed out properly and the chips weren't much to write home about either; When I was at school a long time ago we were taught to decorate things with a slice of tomato - but at the bottom?!

Jimijam said...

They gave you still-frozen fish?
For the proper fish and chips experience, you have to go to Scotland. How I take my homeland for granted...