Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pope's in town

The Pope started his trip to the UK today in Scotland, landing here this morning at about 10.30. I had a driving lesson from then which I wasn't sure was going to happen, what with traffic diversions and whatnot, but the roads were actually quite clear. I was near Holyrood Palace - the Queen's official residence in Scotland - yesterday, and it was surrounded by security and media. This morning, the man himself was there and gave a speech after being given a tour by the Queen.

I was looking through some of the stuff in my cupboard after I came back from Japan and there's some things in there that are from when I was at primary school. In primary six or so we were learning about Europe and each of us had to do a project about one of the member states of the EU. I chose Italy since I seem to have that ancestry, and I made a tissue picture of the Pope (perhaps not knowing that the Vatican City is an independent state). When I found this picture, it struck me that it looks a lot more like the current Pope than it does of Jean Paul II, who was obviously the Pope at the time. See what you think:


Anji said...

Definitely the current Pope. Do you often predict the future?

Jimijam said...

Every time I make a tissue paper picture.