Thursday, 9 September 2010

Steve update

I got up earlier than usual today and as I was rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I caught my first glimpse of Steve for a couple of weeks. This time he was going from right to left, apparently heading back the way I usually see him come. As soon as I saw him, I grabbed my camera, but by the time it was on and ready, he'd already jumped over the wall into the neighbour's garden. I got close to the window and pointed the camera at the gap between two bushes where he would have to pass through, but apparently he noticed me, and stopped to stare at me for a while from a small gap between two other bushes.
You can just espy him behind the black pole. I was a little creeped out by his staring. I didn't think he would be able to see me since he'd already passed through our garden. When he finally moved off I got another unsatisfying snap of his retreating form.
I'm determined to get a good shot of him someday.

1 comment:

Anji said...

Great pictures - perhaps he could sense you were looking at him.