Thursday, 16 September 2010

Terminal Procrastination

As I mentioned in the last post, I'm learning to drive. I had my first lesson a few weeks ago. Next week I'm sitting my driving theory test.

From the 11th of October I'm starting my CELTA course. Before I start I have to read up on stuff and learn everything about grammar that I didn't know during the interview.

I haven't mentioned this before, but I'm also starting a course with the Open University in October on Creative Writing. This one lasts until next June, and I'll have coursework to do while the CELTA course is going on. There's a lot of reading and thinking about ideas that needs doing.

And here I am, doing nothing.

In fairness, I have done a fair bit of preparation for the theory test. But that's probably the easiest part of what I have to do. The problem is that when I have a lot of things I know need doing, I end up starting none of them. And playing computer games instead.

Sometimes, the efforts I go to to avoid procrastination are in themselves a form of procrastination. "I procrastinate because I don't have whiteboard markers to write down what I have to do on a whiteboard, which will make all the difference." So I wait until I have whiteboard markers. Procrastination. Then I have whiteboard markers, but suddenly the whiteboard seems insufficient so I need a pinboard. Order one on amazon, and in the meantime, procrastinate.

Then, when I've run out of excuses, instead of doing the things I'm supposed to be doing, I'll blog about not doing them. Procrastination on the subject of procrastination.

It has to stop. Not the blogging, necessarily, but the excuses. I'm back in the real world, now, and it's time to get real.



Anji said...

I know that feeling. It's a good job you don't have housework to do (or do you?)

You just have to decide which job you are procrastinating over, invent another one that requires even more procrastination and you'll end up doing the first one because you are procrastinating doing the second. All very clear

KZ said...

Word. We've all been stuck in that terminal loop of procrastination and guilt. It's not a very nice place to be. What's helped me under similar circumstances is what you're doing now: promising to yourself that you will succeed.

Keep making those promises to yourself, and do it sincerely. I can't guarantee you success in all that you do, but I promise you that you will surprise yourself by doing some remarkable things.

Sue said...

Good luck with the creative writing course!