Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Back to school

Okay, so I've not actually been away from school, and neither have the students, but today was my first day of regular classes since two Tuesdays ago. Or, it would have been, if one of the English teachers I would usually be teaching with in the 6th period hadn't taken nenkyuu (paid leave) today. She's the teacher who's taken holidays more than any other I've known, but I think it's because she has young children who get ill. So I just had the one class today.

Today's lesson was a very simple but usually effective bingo game (I know, bingo - so painfully ALT cliche, but what do you do, eh?) that tests the students knowledge of verb forms. They have a set of sentences with two possible forms of a verb to choose to complete them - like "Brad Pitt wants [to eat/eating] hamburgers". Each sentence in numbered, and there are more sentences than there are spaces in the bingo sheet. The students fill the blanks in the bingo sheet with the number and the correct verb form for that sentence, then when that number is called only students who chose the correct answer can cross off that square. I bought a large quantity of small candies ("nodoame" in J-hongo) to give to students who got a line of correct answers on their sheet.

If no classes are cancelled (and if that teacher is back at school) I'll have to do this four times tomorrow. Fun!

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