Sunday, 23 May 2010

Ever since I realised I was most likely returning home after ending my JET contract, I've started thinking about going back to my original dream, which was writing. More significantly, I've gone back and started considering seriously the idea for a story that I've had in my head since high school, which has been alternately brewing and cooling off in my head over the last eight years. Yesterday, on the bus back from Osaka with Em, I suddenly, out of nowhere, pictured a scene in my head that got me properly excited about the whole thing for the first time in ages. If I'm going to give writing a go, there are about a million issues with the overall idea that need to be sorted out, but for the meanwhile I'm optimistic. I think reading RTD and Benjamin Cook's (ah...Ben...) Writer's Tale (updated edition) has been inspirational.

Tonight, however, it's all about Lost: The Finale. Me and Em will make ridiculous quantities of tacos to celebrate the event.

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