Friday, 28 May 2010

Health scares and mystery pants

This schedule was disrupted at Tokusho today (normal schedules are probably actually rarer than disrupted ones) , which I think was to allow time for the Japanese equivalent of a pep rally, as a number of interschool sports tournaments are about to start. The only thing of note to happen today was that the school cafeteria was closed due to them finding some kind of bacteria there after a routine weekly test. There were several announcements made over the school PA system about the matter. During my second and final class of the day, just before lunch, which was the class with Mr Pizza (mentioned in an earlier post), the JTE left to go get the students' tests from the staff room to give back. While he was away there was an announcement telling specific students to go down to the nurse's room. Immediately, Mr Pizza and some of his rowdy friends jumped on this opportunity to leave the class. Now, I didn't believe for one second that he was among the students asked for, but I had no way of proving it, so I let him go, along with the two female students who actually were supposed to leave. It didn't matter in the end, because they were soon after frog-marched back into the classroom by the JTE who must have been on his way back up the stairs. A later announcement told students who had already bought onigiri (riceballs) that morning not to eat them, and return them at lunchtime. At lunchtime the students who relied on the cafeteria were allowed to leave the school grounds (usually a no-no) to get food nearby. Their names were checked off by a posse of teachers at the main gate. Some went to McDonald's, and others were surprised to see me in supermarket Kyoei, where I went to pick up some stuff to take home.

Being in Mr Pizza's class reminded me of the existence of pizza and the fact that I hadn't had it in a while. Not that he dwelt on the pizza thing this time. He only asked me once to say it ten times. Mr Elbow was absent today, so maybe that's why. Anyway, I decided to get pizza at the next available opportunity.

When I went home today, a mysterious sight presented itself. What looked like a small hanger for drying clothes was suspended from a pole outside the building, complete with assorted pants. My first thought was that it had fallen down from above. However, there are no balconies on this side of the building, which is the side that everyone's front doors are on. Here are the pants in close-up and in context:
There are no other nearby buildings the pants could have fallen from. It's all a bit of a mystery, really. Added to that, the pants and hanger were gone when I passed by later.

Anyways, it's pizza time. I got Emily on board. She'll say yes to anything that doesn't involve olives. Hooray!

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