Saturday, 15 May 2010

Immediate surroundings and turtle fences

Here's the view from my balcony.

I live right on the edge of Tokushima City, not far from the east coast of the island. My apartment building looks out over docklands. Though I'm terrible at swimming and generally afraid of large bodies of water, I quite like living here. This photo, and my balcony, faces south, and I get a lot of light. I think I'm quite lucky with my apartment situation.

Now, if ever there was a good way to convey the state of English in Japan, it would be this:
That's the top of my apartment building, and yes, the name is "Human Space II". Sounds like the habitation wing of a space station. Seriously, I don't know what the guy was thinking when he used it. It used to be named after the guy who owned the building. I'm pretty sure it doesn't sound any better in Japanese. I wonder where Human Space I is.

And here's something new, something I only just noticed last night on my way home from WINNING THE AJET PUB QUIZ (with my noble team-mates Robin, Thomas, Nikolina and Nikolina's-friend):
Isn't that adorable? It's just a roadside bush, it doesn't belong to anyone, but someone's turned it into a dog. It made Emily and I think about guerilla topiary. Imagine sneaking into people's gardens at night and transforming their bushes into giraffes and kittens and walruses. Awesome.

Speaking of Emily, when I left my apartment to take these pictures, I found my door in this state:
The girl is insane, but you have to give her kudos. I should have known introducing her to Auto-tune the news would come back to haunt me. Ah well, keeps life exciting.

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