Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What am I going to watch now?

To say the atmosphere at school yesterday, on the last day of mid-terms, was sedate would be an understatement. Sedated fits the bill. At one point the English teacher who sits beside me, after marking yet another class-load of answer sheets, put her head down on the table and switched off for half an hour. Other teachers sat chatting with each other, or disappeared off in their cars to grab lunch and perhaps some shopping.

As for myself, aside from my usual pattern of alternately checking BBC news, facebook, chiisai sudachi (the Tokushima JET forum) and my email account, I actually sat down at my desk and started thinking about this story that I want to write. The problem is, while the overall plot structure is sound in my head, there are countless hurdles to overcome in the form of questions that must be answered before I can reconcile myself with the thing, and actually get writing. So I took a notepad I'd originally bought to scribble down lesson ideas (ha!) and doodled, and thought, and doodled some more, and wrote down a solution to the first problem that presented itself. Now, the solution has problems itself, but I wont know if they can be overcome until I think it through fully. But it was a start.

As Monday night was about the Lost finale, Tuesday was about the 24 finale. While it wasn't as epic in scale, I thought the 24 boys did a respectable job in closing a season (and the series itself) that was a vast improvement over the last three seasons. While the story didn't maintain it's thrilling off-the-deep-end flavour in the last episode, the ending was respectful to the characters as we know them, and sets things up for the movie that is apparently going to be made at some point.

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