Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Good Things

I got a hug from a student today. We were playing the aforementioned bingo game, the JTE wanted to switch to another activity for the last five minutes, but the students were in the throes of candy fever and wanted to continue. I said I didn't mind continuing the game and the JTE translated this to the students as me pushing for continuing the game so they would have another chance to win. The class cheered, one student got up and shook my hand, and another manhugged me. It was a good class.

This year's first-year at Kagikou is great. So much better than my classes last year. The atmosphere is more like it was at Higashi in my first and second years here. Makes me almost regret my decision to leave, but you can't second guess yourself. And it's time to move on, as I said before.


ken said...

just want to tell you something funny. don't ask me why but i was on spotify and i searched for morning musume - and spotify goes 'no results for morning musume, do you mean mourning musume.'

Jimijam said...

zomg did they all die? Let's face it - if they did Tsunku would only go and get six new ones.