Friday, 21 May 2010

Sailor Saturn

No classes today. First day of exams at Tokusho. Lovely weather, though.

One of the ALTs who works at the General Education Centre for the prefecture advertised a viewing of the planet Saturn, so we went this evening to look through their giant roof-telescope:
First we stopped off on the third floor to look at the moon through some smaller telescopes they had set up. It's odd how unreal things look up close. Because they wind up looking too real, if that makes sense. The moon looks like it has a skin condition.

Then we went to the roof observatory, and lined up behind a bunch of excitable children for a peek through the telescope. It was impressive, and it was unimpressive. It looked like the Saturn we all know and love (albeit with the rings appearing vertically rather than horizontally), which was great, but at the same time it was just a tiny image in a magical pole full of lenses. Goodness, I hope those kids don't grow up to be as jaded as I am.

Tomorrow we're going to Osaka to see Wicked, then Em and I are going to meet up with some former Tokushima JETs before going to USJ (Universal Studios Japan) on Sunday. It'll be my third time. They got rid of Japanese-talking Spielberg (the E.T. Adventure ride was replaced with some Hanna-Barbera crap). Will give a full report on my return.

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