Monday, 31 May 2010

Raining on my martyrdom

I had a class cancelled yesterday which was added to today's schedule according to the sheet given out yesterday afternoon. That would have made my total number of classes today a round five, giving me only one free period. However, for whatever reason (seriously, though, wtf) the schedule was changed again by this morning, so that the class from yesterday was moved into a period I already had a class, and since I don't have a time turner, I couldn't be in both places at once. I was all ready to cry about how tough it was to be me today, but since I was back to the regular Tuesday's four classes, added to that the fact they were only 40 minutes, not 50 as usual, left me little to bemoan. Still, I had first to fourth periods, which meant I had no free time until lunch time, which was mentally exhausting, as in each class we did almost exactly the same thing.

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